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1st Birthday Ideas Baby Boy 24 First Party Themes For Boys Spaceships And 650×433

1st Birthday Ideas Baby Boy 24 First Party Themes For Boys Spaceships And 650×433

The history of the birthday cakes depicts its origin which is an interesting fact. The word cake is said to have originated in the 13th century and it is derived from the word kaka which is an Old Norse word. According to some of the historians the trend of the pastry was first observed in Greece. At this time in Greece, these pastries were baked using honey. The ancient Roman people used to celebrate three different types of birthdays and three different types of birthday cakes were used for them. They were chiefly named as bread. In England, some people used to call it as pastries.

Birthdays are among the many of the special occasions of your lives. It is a common trend to celebrate the birthdays with the birthday cake. Birthday pastries are exclusively baked and beautifully decorated in order to make it more glamorous. Icing the cake with sweeteners, cherries, cashew, berries, cinnamon, apricot, nuts, pitas, chocolates and spreading the cream all over it is a common trend to give it a mouth watering look. A birthday confection is always made with special attention of love and care which makes it suitable for the auspicious occasion.

Birthdays, out of all celebrations, give some of the best memories throughout our lives. A birthday comes around just once in a year and is an event tied to the core of who we are. To make to it an event to remember, the essential food has to be included the birthday cake.

Birthday cakes add a splash of color and taste to the celebration and are a customary part of this event to people of many different cultures, ages, and walks of life. This gets you thinking who created the idea of the birthday cake, and where can we find the roots of this little tradition accepted around the world? Let us take a look at the fascinating birth of the birthday cake.

In the middle age in Germany the historians traced another tradition of birthday confections. The birthday cake was made as sweetened bread dough which was given a shape of the baby Jesus in swaddling clothes. Nowadays, small figures and small candies are put in the cakes. Even the cup cakes are quite popular among the cakes these days. However, there is also a question regarding the round shape of these delicious items. According to the scholars, some religious beliefs and technical compulsions were associated with the round shape of the confection. Moreover, earlier, the Greek people used to offer the round shaped cake to the Goddess of moon.

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